Video is nothing new, but these days it’s what everyone is using in social media. Social media is blowing up with video content thanks to popular apps like Periscope (live broadcasting) and Facebook Live to name a few. While video is great for delivering your content you still need that written piece for SEO.


**Please note: This may not work on every video & if you are having issues with the code, it is very sensitive, click “YouTube Code.”

You see, video is just part of the equation. You need one part video and one part copy to equal traffic to your website (assuming you have good content and keywords). Who has time though to not only shoot the video but edit it and write copy for the blog post?

Most people either choose not to do any of it because of the time required or they outsource some of the process. While editing is a popular part to outsource, many are starting to learn that they need to outsource the transcription part. Think about it. You already said what you wanted to in the video so why would you write it all over? All you need to do is take the transcription from that video, edit it, and post it as your copy. People are asking and talking more about how they can transcribe their videos without having to pay someone a fortune. Sure, you can try using dictation on your iPhone to try and record the audio from your video on the computer, but it doesn’t work as well as you thought it would – trust me I’ve tried. You could outsource this like many are doing using popular sites like Fiverr or Upwork which if you just don’t want to spend the time doing it. If however, you are finding that you have some extra time and are wanting to do it yourself I have the secret to transcribing your own videos. Here’s what you will need:


Estimated time for the whole process:

Times will vary depending on length of your video. Majority of your time will be spent editing & uploading the video. Everything else can go pretty quickly. The removal of special characters can be as quick as 10 minutes.


  • Upload video to YouTube
  • Once uploaded & processed look for the CC to appear by the volume & setting gear (*Key! This has to be present in order for it to work).
  • Then in Chrome, on a Mac, hold down Option+Command+J or Press F12 on Windows to open the Javascript console (see clip)
  • Copy & paste the special code (found below) in the code area & hit “enter/ return”
  • A new tab should open with your transcription & special characters.
  • To remove the special characters I do command+F to open up “Find & Replace” menu. Then I start typing the various special characters (one at a time) in the “Find” area and leave “Replace with” blank. Hit “Replace” and it deletes the special characters.
  • Once the characters are gone you can simply start piecing your copy together. The nice thing about this is most of the copy is written for you. You just have to piece it together and add what you want.

Special Code: *Copy and paste the YouTube Code into Chrome. If you do it directly from here it may error out.


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