Join us LIVE as we welcome Certified OBM, Author, and Speaker Melissa Gamarra to the show!

Melissa will be here to tell us more about her new book, Transform Your Online Business into a Flourishing Enterprise, which is a must-have for any business owner!

Side note….

Today, while sweating my butt off thanks to Bernadette Alverio-Tonks boot camp class (online, you should totally take it + you support a local business, The Movement Lab), I thought to myself…

“Everyone is probably watching me thinking, what is this guy doing? Does he even know? He looks ridiculous standing there alone jumping around like a crazy person.”

Mind you, I was working out, watching the Zoom class on my phone with headphones in, outside where people walking by could see me.
I had to remind myself of a few things….

  • Nobody cares
  • There is no one around
  • And even if there were people around watching me, the only thing they’re probably thinking is, “look at him go! Good for him! Shoot, I need to be exercising. I wonder what he’s watching — is it a class or an app?”

It’s all about that mindset shift.

I’m doing the work — I’m showing up — and by me being present, I’m motivating and inspiring others to do the same (this is what I miss about going to the gym — seeing everyone working towards their goals.)

That’s why I love going live and more importantly, helping others step in front of the camera and go live because it’s not about me, it’s about you finding your voice here online.

You see, going live provides this incredible transformation that affects you both personally and professionally!

It’s not just a business thing, although it does provide you with a very powerful marketing tool! It’s a personal growth thing!

Going live opens you up and it opens the doors to more possibilities!

I mean, look at my post from earlier about this morning’s broadcast — a viewer already contacted my guest to set up a time to meet regarding her services.

1 live and what, maybe 25-minutes of our time this morning, did that. Not to mention whatever else comes out of that live for our guest Melissa Gamarra — I’m hoping lots of sales and soon book reviews!

Anyway, needless to say, I love what going live does for us and I got in a great workout today before it got really hot

If you struggle with video & being on camera live freaks you out, I know a guy who can help!

He’s fun to work with, makes everything so easy, and he will make sure you do the work!

Let me know and I’ll connect you!

By the way, while going live should include you being on camera, there are ways around that. #JustSaying

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