In this blog post, I’m going to discuss how video marketing isn’t limited to just social media. Video can also be applied to texting and email marketing as well as online programs such as online courses which you most likely will create some sort of online training in your business. 


And let’s not forget about all those Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Team meetings you’re on – video marketing will help improve your on-camera presence for those meetings too!

This blog post will provide tips and strategies for agents (and entrepreneurs) to maximize the role video plays in your business so you can get The Video Advantage and convert more opportunities into sales.


Let’s dive in…


The Role of Video in Real Estate Marketing: 

Just (I know, I shouldn’t start a sentence like that, my English teacher would kill me) like in Real Estate, it’s all about “location, location, location,’ online and marketing yourself these days is all about “video, video, video.” 


In fact, did you know that last year alone, over 80% of ALL internet traffic was video-based – what does this mean Ed? It means, if you’re not recording videos and sharing them online you’re missing a huge opportunity for your business…


Put simply, you’re not being seen and your competition is taking all your business.


No doubt, video has revolutionized the way everyone connects these days and in the real estate world property tours, neighborhood tours, and agents recording videos targeted to their local market have taken over – it’s no longer about recording the perfect, dreamy, video…it’s about seeing what’s really going on and getting to know the person behind the business. 


The role of video in Real Estate marketing extends far beyond mere property and neighborhood tours; it’s a dynamic tool that allows agents to tell compelling stories, create an emotional connection, and build trust. In addition to these tours, Real Estate agents use video to highlight the unique features of a neighborhood, spotlight local amenities, and provide valuable insights into the community’s lifestyle – This approach transforms a property listing into an opportunity to share a broader narrative about the surrounding area, making it especially appealing to potential buyers who may be relocating.


Remember, you, the Real Estate agent (like any service-based business), are in the people business and people want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. 


The quickest way to build trust is by showing up on video as yourself consistently and providing valuable information – remember, you’re the expert and you invested a lot in getting to where you are so use video to communicate that. And don’t forget to use video to introduce yourself to prospective clients on a regular basis.


Video not only saves time for both agents and clients but also attracts more serious leads and buyers, as they can truly envision themselves living in the space. 


There’s so much more we could talk about and I’d be happy to learn more about your specific business needs as well as provide you with a video strategy if you’d like to book a complementary call with me.


In summary, video marketing is the cornerstone of the modern Real Estate agent who truly wants to make it in this business. It not only helps agents sell properties but also fosters meaningful relationships with clients, making it an indispensable component of success in the dynamic world of real estate.


Leveraging Video in Social Media: 

Now let’s talk about the “sexier” part of video marketing which most are more familiar with and want to learn about video in order to keep up with social media marketing.


Leveraging video on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube) is a game-changer for Real Estate agents looking to expand their reach and engage with potential clients in a more immersive way. 


Social media is where people spend a significant portion of their online time (for example, did you know that good old Facebook is still the biggest social network with the most daily active users checking the platform for about 20 minutes per day – Crazy right?), and video content is among the most shared and engaging types of content across these platforms. 


All social media platforms want you to share videos. 


So use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to showcase properties through engaging video tours and don’t be afraid to include your face and your voice – get personal. And while you might be getting started in what I call your video journey I want you to know that these social media platforms allow you to live stream to give viewers real-time property tours and Q&A sessions, creating a sense of urgency and interactivity. 


Additionally, Real Estate agents can craft compelling narratives around their listings through short video stories (think Instagram stories, Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts) that highlight unique selling points, local attractions, and the lifestyle a property offers, thus triggering the viewers’ emotions and imagination.


Now is the time to double down on video so you can stick around for the long haul.


Consistency and engagement are key in using video on social media. Posting regular video content that offers value and insights not only keeps your audience engaged but also positions you as a knowledgeable and trusted go-to agent. The interactive nature of social media also encourages dialogue and feedback, allowing you to address questions and concerns, nurturing potential clients, and building relationships along the way. 


Leveraging video on social media isn’t just about property listings; it’s about creating a dynamic and authentic online presence that sets agents apart and opens the door to building meaningful connections in the digital age of Real Estate marketing.


Expanding Reach with Text and Email Marketing Videos: 


Now let’s talk about one of my favorite parts about video…


You can expand your reach and influence with text and email marketing videos – a strategic move that can significantly enhance your communication with your audience as well as help seal the deal…one video can change everything for your Real Estate business.


In an era where inboxes are flooded with text-based messages, videos stand out and capture the recipient’s attention which results in quicker action taken by the recipient. Short, engaging video clips can be embedded within emails or shared via text messages to make communications more captivating and personal. 


I personally use BombBomb to record videos for my email communications (technically, I use it beyond email but that’s for another conversation) as it makes it easy to record, share, and give recipients a reason to click on my videos (beyond my good hair and friendly smile that is lol).


Whether it’s a personal message, screen share, virtual tour of a property, or a video showcasing market insights, these video snippets provide a visual and auditory connection that resonates with recipients on a deeper level – you will stand out, trust me.


In fact, one of my clients Sally, experienced this for the first time – she sent 2 different emails with personalized videos and within a day got a response to both where the recipient said yes to wanting to take the next step in doing business with her. And to make this even more exciting, Sally is not one to jump in front of the camera, especially by herself, so the fact that she did this after two sessions is amazing. Now Sally, is not only thinking about videos she can create, she is also excited about jumping in front of the camera to record her videos.


In summary, video content is known to convey information more effectively and quickly than plain text, making it an ideal tool for delivering essential messages to clients or prospects. You can also track the performance of those video emails and texts, gaining insights into which content is resonating with their audience and enabling them to fine-tune their strategies for maximum impact.


Now is the time to double down on video so you can stick around.


Creating Compelling Online Course Videos: 


You might be inclined to skip over this section but stick around because so many agents are looking for “side hustles” or “additional streams of income” and creating an online course could be something you do in the near future. 


Creating online course videos is a potent method for real estate agents to educate their audience, establish their expertise, and differentiate themselves in the market. 


Online courses and webinars offer a structured, educational approach to sharing knowledge, making them an ideal platform for conveying valuable information about the real estate industry – especially when you are sleeping as you can create something once and allow others to watch the replay (we could talk more about this strategy if you’d like when you schedule a call with me). 


The advantage of online course videos is their flexibility and accessibility. Agents can craft courses that cater to the specific needs and interests of their target audience, from first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors. Online courses also make great for email marketing and generating new leads on a regular basis. 


Additionally, the interactive nature of online courses allows agents to foster engagement, answer questions, and build a sense of community among participants. By creating compelling online course videos, Real Estate agents not only position themselves as knowledgeable authorities in the field but also offer a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the Real Estate market, ultimately enhancing their reputation and attracting a loyal following.


Enhancing Communication Through Video: 

Get The Video Advantage over the competition and enhance your communication through video – Use video for virtual meetings, property updates, negotiation discussions, and personalized messages, creating a dynamic and authentic rapport with clients. 


Video interactions lead to greater client satisfaction by offering a visual window into the Real Estate process. Clients can virtually walk through properties, see agents’ faces and expressions, and receive real-time updates, making them feel more involved and informed. This heightened level of transparency fosters trust and confidence in the agent-client relationship, which is vital in an industry built on trust. 


Moreover, video communication streamlines the exchange of information, reducing the need for lengthy email exchanges or phone calls and saving valuable time for both parties. In essence, enhancing communication through video elevates the client-agent relationship to a more personal and efficient level, where clients feel heard, informed, and valued, ultimately leading to smoother transactions and satisfied clients.


Practical Video Tips and Tools: 


Now you know the importance of video creation and how you can start using it to market yourself differently online so here are some practical tips and tools that are essential for Real Estate agents looking to excel in the world of video marketing. 


To produce high-quality video content, agents must equip themselves with the right tools and knowledge. Investing in quality cameras (chances are your current cellphone is good enough), microphones, lighting equipment, and video editing software (tools like CapCut or InShot) is crucial for achieving professional results. 


In fact, I have a whole page dedicated to tools and resources here but if you don’t want to have to sift through it all, schedule a call with me and we can talk about what you need specifically. 


And if you are interested in learning more about video – how to shoot and edit videos effectively without wasting much time – ensuring that your content stands out in a competitive market and helps you convert more views into opportunities then I invite you to check out my 1:1 coaching program, The Video Advantage.

Additionally, staying up-to-date with the latest video marketing trends and strategies is vital so if you do nothing else today, at the very least, sign up for my email club – it’s free!


Your Action Plan: 

  1. Give yourself permission to record videos (progress over perfection)
  2. Get weekly tips by signing up for my email club
  3. If you need a personalized video strategy schedule a call now

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