What is video marketing and why Facebook Live is every business’s secret weapon that they should be using in order to create more video content, simplify their video production costs, and reach more people in less time online.

What is video marketing?

Simply put, video marketing is the strategy of marketing a product or service through the use of video.

Why video marketing is better than traditional marketing?

Unlike traditional advertising methods like radio, television, and print advertisements, video marketing is proven to be more effective than these other types of media when you combine it with effective website optimization and well-designed social media accounts.

By integrating video marketing into your content marketing, you are able to reach a much wider audience, because the medium of video allows users to watch advertisements rather than skim over them. Videos will always have more impact on viewers than text on a printed page.

So why should your business use Facebook Live as part of its video marketing strategy? Let’s dive in…

What is Facebook Live?

As you are now aware, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world with the most daily active users checking in on the platform several times throughout the day – more than any other social media network.

Facebook Live is the #1 most cost-effective way to market your business online for FREE! It’s a tool that Facebook provides every user with which can be found when you go to create a new status update on Facebook (in this case, since you are a business, you will want to create a post on your Facebook business page and then choose the live video option).

Facebook Live is the best way for you to connect with your audience and quickly build up that “know, like, trust” factor that makes selling your product or service so much easier online. Plus, you are building up a content library, full of video, that lives and can be used elsewhere online. By the way, Facebook wants you to use Facebook Live and in fact, you will be rewarded with Facebook pushing your content out to more people organically – increasing your organic reach without paying for Facebook ads.

Bonus: If you are someone who uses paid ads you can take one of your Facebook Live videos and use them as one of your Facebook ads.

Facebook Live is a live streaming video platform where you can broadcast your content live to the world in real-time. People can tune in to view your stream live (in real-time) or they can catch the replay where they can watch it after you have stopped being live. The beauty here is that you can create video content that others can keep engaging with all in one place.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Live?

Facebook Live allows you to connect directly with your customers and prospective buyers wherever they are, in real-time, through live streaming video.

Facebook Live gives you the advantage of reaching millions of people at once! It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and it hosts all your live streaming videos which you can download at any time to share anywhere.

You can even monetize through ads, cross-promotions, self-promotions, and make money from other social media channels that you may already be using with your Facebook Live videos!

Facebook Live allows you to go live, showcase you, your product, or your service, and connect with your audience in real-time. You can perform a live video survey, launch a product, Q&A, or create a community that people can join. This results in a real-time connection with your customers that is unparalleled.

For example, I work with real estate agents inside my video coaching program, and let’s say a real estate agent wanted to go live. They could use Facebook Live to showcase a new listing they have and even ask viewers what colors they would like to see on the walls of say a fixer-upper home (remember, social media is all about being social, getting people to engage with your content).

If you are a small business owner, let’s say you own an ice cream shop, you could showcase your famous ice cream sandwich and then ask viewers what combination of cookies and ice cream they would like to see next.

Facebook Live really makes it easy for any business owner to create video content that will attract and nurture more people online than any other type of content. It will also make it easier for people to get their questions answered as well as get your questions answered quickly – before you would have to jump through hoops trying to get people to fill out a simple survey and now you could just use Facebook Live to make it fun and more interactive.

When it comes to actually going live and using Facebook Live streaming video to grow your business online, the benefits are endless. You can even share your Facebook Live videos on your website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and anywhere else you like to show up online.

How to set up Facebook Live

  1. Visit your Facebook business page
  2. Go create a new post (type in some information about your Facebook Live)
  3. Tap on the “Live Video” option with the red camera icon
  4. When ready hit the blue button “Live Video” (you will be live, on-air at this point)

Remember, setting up a Facebook Live may seem easy enough to do but in order to really make your live videos effective and tie into your content marketing efforts – without it being stressful or a waste of time – there is work that you should be doing before, during, and after. If you need help, book your FREE consult here.

How to use Facebook Live efficiently

Facebook Live on a desktop has become an important new element in a business’s video marketing arsenal and will be used by more and more businesses from now on. However, using Facebook’s mobile app to go live is much easier for those who are new as well as on the go. The steps we listed above are for going live from your mobile app.

Keep in mind that when you go live on Facebook you can hold your phone in one of two ways:

  1. Vertical (what you are used to and how you would naturally hold your phone in your hand). Vertical is fine but one thing to keep in mind, especially if you want to repurpose (reuse) your Facebook Live video on say YouTube or your website is this can cause your video to have those black bars on each side of your video.
  2. Horizontal (which means you have to flip your device and it will feel a little different than what you are used to). Horizontal though will prevent your video from having the black bars on the side and your video will take up the full screen making it easier to repurpose anywhere online.

In the beginning, especially when you are just getting started, it’s important to focus on the act of you actually going live vs how you should hold your phone. Often times we can get so caught up in all the should’s and could’s that we end up never moving forward.

Your goal is to START. Once you start going live on Facebook then you can fine-tune and get caught up in all the details.


Video marketing is a medium that should not be overlooked especially in 2021 and moving forward. Using tools like Facebook Live to create your content is an excellent way to optimize your content and to let your audience find you.

Ready to learn video? Book Your FREE Consult here.

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