Video Marketing Secrets Transcription

Hello, everybody. I’m super excited to have ed here today. Our video marketing and confidence coach. I don’t know if I told you this, that I feel like I might’ve, but I just started this video thing, not even a year ago. And I have friends and business mentors who are shocked that I’m doing this now because I was so shy.

I still have trouble just looking at the camera because we all know I’m not really looking at you. Um, but I’m super, but I’m super excited to hear like what you, what you think about what we should be posting when it comes to video and where and why let’s start with what. Yeah. Oh, why is good? So, uh, if you have never met me before, my name is Ed Troxell and I am a video coach.

I actually started out with just online marketing in general, doing web design and being able to help entrepreneurs get online and figure out the tech, right? The tech can be so challenging and thankfully I’m able to break it down for my clients. And so, as I grew my business. I realized that video is where the future was.

It’s where it is right now. And it was what I did differently for marketing my business, which means I was actually going live on Facebook. And if you remember a program called Periscope a long time ago, it’s kind of our first one. And. I had to figure that all out on my own. And I was not the type that wanted to be in front of the camera.

I always was the guy behind the camera. You want to get in front of the camera. Cool. But not me. I prefer being behind the scenes. And so I knew though, If I wanted my business to survive. And if I wanted to be able to stand out in the online space, which can be very crowded, I had to do something differently.

And the only thing that I could think of was be on camera and in my case go live. And so as nerve-wracking that. And at times can still be, let’s be honest, our nerves come back every so often. It’s one of those things that it has grown, both my business and me personally so much that now I teach others to do this and, uh, all through your phone.

So you can have a, a great fancy setup, but let’s face it. If you have all those fancy tools, are you using them? Are you actually going and recording your videos? If you’re watching this, maybe, maybe not. And that’s what I love to do is be able to break that down and help guide you towards your success in video.

But first we have to get organized. And so the answer to why video is over 80% of all internet traffic is video-based. And when we look at where we hang out, it’s social media. Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, wherever you want to go. And if we look at all the channels to this date, all of them are requiring video, even Instagram, which was only photography photo-based is now trying to mimic, copy, whatever you want to call it.

TikTok, which is video. So we’re in this transition of a video-first approach to everything. So, if you’re not already using video to market yourself and your business you’re behind, and we don’t want that, we want to be able to bring you up to speed and help you future proof your business. And the best way we can do that is by learning, which is why you’re here.

And being able to take small steps in our video journey, I call it so that way we can make those habits and have them last for a long time, because. It’s overwhelming. When we think about all the work we are doing for our business, and we are now having to require ourselves to do for social media and be in front of the camera and think about the content.

And are we going to mess up? Are we going to, um, look good? Are we going to say, um, too many times, are we going to say like too many times, do we have to show our face, like tell me in the comments, because I am in your, in your, uh, group here. Tell me in the comments. What is it about video that is stopping you from producing it from creating video content?

And if you’re already creating video content, tell them. What is it that you are stumbling on? Because I guarantee you that there’s something that that’s holding you back a little bit, even if you’re creating that video content, there’s still something that you’re not a hundred percent comfortable with.

So drop that down below. We’ll try to answer that here on the live, if not, we’ll do it afterward. Um, and I’ll also be sure to drop in some examples that I’ll talk about as it relates to authors. Well, we got a few someones doesn’t like to show their face. I kept that someone. Not enough ideas. Yes. Okay. So showing your face thing.

So this is a big one. This is a big one and I get it because I, as much as I’m on video now, which is crazy to still say out loud, when I started, I did not like my voice. I did not like the way I looked on camera photography. Wasn’t too bad. Like I didn’t mind being taken photos, but for video, I just always just felt like.

Not comfortable. And it was one of those things that I had to do a lot of inner work on myself and be able to start there, which is why I want to mention that it’s not the technology that’s holding you back. That may be a piece of it. Don’t get me wrong, whether it’s your camera or your lights or, or whatever, but.

It’s the equipment that we have up here that’s holding you back. And so that’s what I like to always start with my clients is not what gadget you’re supposed to have to do all of this because you already have it. It’s in the palm of your hands. You’re probably watching me on it. But what is it that we’re thinking of?

What is it that is holding us back from our greatness, from sharing our greatness online, and so sharing, uh, showing our face, I should say it can be very, very challenging. So there are steps that you can go through when you are thinking about showing your face. And you’re just not a hundred percent ready to do that.

Um, one exercise that I like to work on with my clients is just grabbing your phone and opening up the camera. Sliding it to video and don’t worry, you’re not posting this anywhere. This is just going to stay on your device and you’re going to record yourself. So you’re literally just going to look at your camera.

You’re going to hit the record button and say, I feel so awkward right now. This guy, ed, who I found online told me to record a video. This is super weird, but I’m just doing it. Boop. And then you hit the end, do that a few times and don’t delete it. That’s that’s a big, big tip right there. Do not delete the video until after you’ve watched it and maybe not watch it right away.

Sometimes you can. Sometimes you want to wait a couple of days because we’re our own worst critic. And you’re going to notice things on that video that you’re just going to be like, oh, This is so weird. And then there’s gonna be other things where you’re like, eh, I actually wasn’t that bad. I thought it was way worse.

So again, there’s a lot of challenges that we all go through when we want to be on camera, especially showing our face. That’s just one exercise that you can do when you’re trying to work up towards showing your face. Now we’ll mention too on this topic, is that a lot of people. Want to not show their face and just record their videos that can work, but not all the time.

People want to see you. They don’t want to just hear your voice. They want to see you because we want to do business with people we know like and trust. And if we can’t see you, we can’t trust you. We gotta be able to see and interact with you. Just like, if we met in person, we get a vibe. We, we S we see each other in person at the coffee shop.

We get the vibe where like, ah, this, this guy, this girl is just, okay. Yeah. This person I’m feeling. And then there are those times where we’re like, Hmm, I’m not sure. And so then we start talking and then it’s like, oh, okay. Yes, I totally we’re on the same page. Right. Or maybe we’re not, but we don’t get that until we have those social cues when we’re seeing we’re hearing and we’re interacting with each other.

And that’s what video does for us online. And that’s what brings us to life online. It makes us stand out because most people won’t do this. That’s true. And the coffee shop analogy makes me think of, you know, someone with their hoodie on and their heads down. They’re less approachable than just take your hoodie off and we could see you smile.

And then it’s like, okay, you’re yeah, you’re human. We could be friends versus don’t look at me. Yeah. I think that with video, it’s just. It turns marketing into making friends like we do marketing for all sorts of reasons to buy for people’s attention, to show up with products and services. But relationship building is the best type of marketing because no matter what happens to TikTok or, you know, different social media platforms, if you have a circle of people around you, who like you, because you, you made that connection, then your brand.

Has a shot of sticking around even when Facebook has gone with the wind. Yeah. So I think that’s really important, but I, I understand why people don’t want to show their face. I was like that for so long and I tried it probably about a year ago. Listen to myself, look at myself. It’s like, no, and then didn’t do it for another couple of months.

So I know you recommend actually looking at your recordings. And for me, that was really traumatizing, I guess. Um, so do you still recommend that you have to just bite the bullet and watch yourself? Yes, it’s basically thinking of it as looking at yourself in the mirror. A lot of us have whatever feelings about our body and the way we look, the way we talk, the way we act, whatever it may be.

There’s a lot of stuff going on up here. Okay. We have to get comfortable with that. And our brains are wired to agree with whatever we tell it to do. So, for example, if you say you’re not good at being on camera, your brain’s going to say you’re not good on being on case. It’s going to agree with you. And so we have to rewire things and be able to build up that confidence.

And that’s why I say start where you are. If you’re not confident about being on camera yet, publicly showing your face, then you have to work up towards that and you have to take these baby steps to do that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. And that’s the beauty of it. And that’s why. Uh, this year I had launched what’s called the video positivity movement because it’s about us getting more comfortable with ourselves on camera and promoting that positivity because we’re all experts at something, and we all have a voice that needs to be shared.

And we have an audience out there who’s waiting for. And they’re searching for us and they’re waiting for us to show up, deliver our greatness and then they can start engaging with us. So it’s really, really important to remember. It’s really not about. It’s about your audience and you showing up for them, whether that’s a party of one or a party of a hundred, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you do what you can control, which is showing up delivering a piece of valuable information and engaging with people once they start to engage with you. So there’s a lot of interesting things going on with video right now because it’s so versatile. We use it on social media to entertain each other.

We create courses. We right now we’re live streaming and building a connection with each other, but also answering questions in the chat. And you can use zoom calls. And now there’s an interactive video. I know you use what’s it called Tulsa. And, um, so in terms of what to post I’m curious. To hear what you think about TikTok in particular and this new interactive video that is starting to pick up traction to great questions.

So just for planting the seed around the interactive, we’ll circle back to that. But for those who are curious, um, if you go to my website later, you’ll see in the lower right-hand corner, me, same chat. That’s an interactive video that is on my website that allows you. Hear from me, see me and actually engage with me whether you want to do audio, text or video, highly encourage you to do video.

Um, but that’s what an interactive video is. So that’s when you hear that term, that’s what we’re talking about in this example, and that just allows you to bring your website to life. Um, and. While we’re on that topic. I’ll just, I’ll just mention that it brings your top, your, your website to life. It allows people to engage with you where they are comfortable.

So it’s not a, a standard, you know, form that you’re filling out on the contact desk. There’s no problem with having that, by all means, please have something, but if you want to take things to the next level, this is where interactive video comes into play, which I will tell you so cool. When you get messages from people, whether you know them or not, and they let you know, this is a great experience, or, Hey, I have a question about your services or what your topic it was for XYZ.

And you’re allowing them to communicate in the way that they prefer. So it’s not just a contact form where they have to type, they can do audio, they can do video. It’s really a neat experience. So I really encourage you all to check that out. Um, because it’s something that you can easily add to your websites as well.

Now, when we talk about TikTok, uh, and I’m going to talk about TikTok, but just know that the same rules apply for reals, whether you’re on Instagram or Facebook or both, it’s kind of. All the same thing. Uh, but when it comes to TikTok, TickTock is blowing up across the board for all platforms. Like, I mean, it, it’s taken over and whether you’re on there or not, it’s something that you should be aware of and it should be something that you’re taking a look at, if nothing else just browsing to see what the interactions are, what’s happening over there.

Uh, because tick-tock. It’s not just a dancing app. Most people think, oh, I’d have to dance. And I have to, you know, get on there and lip sync or anything. No, you don’t have to. You could certainly, if you want to break things up sure. You’ll see dancing videos of mine as well. Um, and that’s, but that’s something that that’s fun for me.

And I will say while I don’t publicly like to dance, cause I just feel awkward. I do it now on social every so often because I know. My audience likes that they like to see me cut loose a little bit and not just the techie business marketing side. And so I enjoy doing that and I enjoy making them laugh.

And I realize now they’re not laughing at me. They’re laughing with me because I posted it. I’m like, this is hilarious. I’ll make somebody’s day. And I’m just thinking about one person. So there’s that part. But when it comes to TikTok for business, um, I actually was just speaking on my live show today about this, where you don’t even have to post anything on TikTok.

Keyword has always yet. You may not be recording videos yet, but what you want to do and feel free just to interrupt me anytime. Um, but when it comes to TikTok, what I was talking about this morning was you don’t even have to think this goes back to the comment about, you know, what ideas you need for posting.

You don’t even have to come up with the idea. You can go onto, and this applies to any platform again, but you can go on to tick sock, find a video that is relatable to you. So for example, I work a lot with agents and of course entrepreneurs in different categories. But, uh, with agents, I was talking about marrying from selling sunset.

So if you’ve ever seen the Netflix hit show selling sunset, one of the agents is named Mary. She posted on her. Tick-tock a video where she was doing a Q and a, so she was answering people’s questions for another agent. So then when you go and look at the comments, it’s not just people saying this was great.

I liked it, your inspiration, those were in there. But what was awesome is there was questions that people were asking her. So you can then go in there and look at what are the questions that are. Is that something that you have the answer to? If so, boom, there’s your next video. That’s where you can actually say awesome.

Here’s my title. And, um, I’ll try to bring it up on my end just to see where I had it, but there was, this is where the multitasking comes into play when you have your other device. But, uh, it’s one of those things. You want to think outside of just your, like, what’s going on up here. You want to think, okay, who do I follow online?

Why do I follow them? Do they have great content? Are people commenting on their posts? Because maybe you don’t get any comments on your posts, nothing wrong with that. Don’t stop. Keep moving forward. And what you want to do is then take something that’s relevant and apply it. So for example, One of the questions I went through her comment, she had like 150 comments and, uh, I won’t go through all the questions that I pulled from it, but there was a good, I’d say probably 10 questions that people asked.

One was best marketing strategy to get new clients. Well, if you’re an agent and you wanted to start creating video content, that’s a pretty good title. Or if not, just a good topic to cover another one was. What are the best tools to use to study your market? So for authors, you could do the same thing.

What are the best tools for new authors to get started? So you see how you can just tweak these things slightly for your audience and for your industry and boom, you have your content. The hardest part is actually recording and sharing the content. Oh, I can’t hear you just.

Oh, I still can’t. But you can hear me, which is good. Oh, well, that’s, that’s the problem with live video is sometimes things get messed up. And like I said, a year ago, that would mortify me, but now I’m just like, oops. It’s um, yeah. And I appreciate that. You’re candid too. And that’s what happens with live video.

You kind of mess up and people get to see that you’re here. Oh, yeah, it’s totally fine. Love, I love live video. I will tell you that prerecorded I’m getting better at doing prerecorded now, but I always, after doing lives from the beginning, I always thought live video was so much easier than prerecorded.

I’m on like 50 takes and I’m still not comfortable with it. And I’m just tired. So I’m like whatever done. But with live video, there’s something that happens in our brains. Right. Allow us to go into survival mode and we just make it happen. And we just keep rolling with the punches. So for those of you who are like worried about being on camera or worried about live video, understand that these days it’s more acceptable for us to show up in perfectly here, online through our video content.

That is where we’re going to get better and the tools and resources that we all have available to us allow for that imperfection. And in fact, you’ll find most of your videos that are not perfectly curated and scripted and everything are the ones that do better than the ones that you spent a lot of time and money and energy on.

Yeah, it’s so true. I don’t know if it was the pandemic that did that, or if people. Or just realizing, cause we’ve been online for so long, we’re all kind of mini marketers innately or not any lead, but we’re used to the internet now we’re machine learning. Right. And I, I think that people are starting to realize that you don’t need to put on a full face of makeup.

And in fact, I prefer I’m more attracted to people who don’t mind just because we do live in boxes. And again with the pandemic, like lots of us stopped seeing people and started questioning whether we lived in a simulation that might just be me, but that’s how it kind of felt sometimes. And I remember for Samco Amica to a warehouse, we have a hundred thousand plus people in our lists.

We do some professional commercials, but then I shot two of my nieces wearing mustaches. Stuttering through a script to be like, Hey, if you want to win a hundred bucks, show your Halloween photos. And that’s it so much better than any of the videos of the professional commercials we shot, just because it’s goofy.

It’s real. So you stop and think, oh, this is an organic post versus an ad. Like we tune out ads. We don’t want things to look like ads. Yes. Yeah. And when I was muted, trying to figure out how to unmute myself, I was trying to ask about the the mental aspect. Like that’s, that’s the hardest part and with live streaming, sorry.

No, it really is. And I’ll tell you, you know, you brought up makeup now. A lot of my clients are women. It is one thing that, you know, we all think you have to have a ton of makeup or your hair really nice and fancy and whatever, whatever works for you before going on camera, but you don’t have to give yourself permission to not have, have to do all that work.

Now that being said, find something that works for you. And allows you to feel more comfortable and more confident. So for example, one of my clients, she just needs her lip gloss. That’s it. She can have how, whatever makeup on it doesn’t matter. But as long as she’s got lip gloss, she’s good to go. Uh, for others, it’s having earrings, always having earrings in, um, maybe some necklace, whatever it is, find what works for you.

I will say sometimes. Just having a shirt, like I’m just wearing a casual t-shirt here, but you can also put a casual t-shirt on underneath, uh, uh, your shirts, whatever jacket maybe you’re wearing. If you want it to be a little bit more. Professional or doled up. You could, but on the inside you still have that security blanket of this is my favorite worn-out t-shirt that has holes everywhere, rock concert, or whatever it is.

You don’t have to show that part publicly, but that’s, that’s like your armor. Um, I will tell you for me and, and I’ll do a live demonstration here in a second. For me. It’s always like. I don’t care. What, what happens? I want decent lighting. Uh, I’m not in my normal space right now. So I have windows behind me, normally I’m in front of them.

Um, but I just couldn’t get a good setup in this location. And so I always carry around my light, which hopefully will stay on the entire time that we’re, we’re doing this broadcast, but I’m going to turn it off in a second to show you the difference of what it is without the light. And for me, Mostly because I have, I, uh, I’m obviously the video coach, but I also come from the photography and design standpoint.

So for me, I have my eye caught it more. So it might not be so much for you, but it’s one of those things that good lighting takes you so far. And they actually also understand that most people don’t actually listen to the audio of your video. When they’re going through the newsfeed. So, uh, I believe the statistic is 65% of us.

Actually. Don’t listen to videos with the sound on when we’re going through, because we’re doing other things. So what are the things that help get us to click to then have the audio come up? It’s going to be your lighting. Uh, you can obviously, if it’s YouTube, you can put a, a cool thumbnail that that’s very catchy, but same idea.

First Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Twitter. Well, if you use Twitter, there you go. Uh, but anywhere that you’re posting your video, good, lighting’s always going to win no matter what. And then of course you want good audio because obviously once people click, you want them to hear you, but good lighting is what works really well.

So I’m going to do a quick demonstration to show you what it looks like without my light on right here.

Oh, Do you see the difference? Huge difference. Right. And I am, I’m using an iPhone right now for my web camera. And so you’re going to have still some decent lighting in the back here because of what it’s picking up compared to, let’s say a logic tech webcam or a camera that’s built-in on your computer.

But you can tell that there there’s a big difference here. Yeah. To me, this doesn’t feel comfortable. So then I can go ahead and put on my light and it has a different tone, so I can put that on. And it might, it’s still, technically, in my opinion, it’s still off because I am not used to having this light situation, but it’s way better and more comfortable for me to be here, to talk about it.

And you’re usually standing up to, right? Yes.

Yeah. I love sitting in life in general, so haven’t tried it yet, but I, yeah, for those who don’t know me, I’m always standing when I’m doing my videos and it’s, it’s you get more energy and more of a power stance from it. And it’s just, it’s in my opinion, it’s better for me. Uh, and so if you struggle with sitting, you should always try standing.

Um, and if you struggle withstanding, then try sitting, but, um, Right now I’m sitting and it’s fine. I just feel a little closed boxed in, and I don’t have my feet firmly planted. I’m not drawing the energy up from the ground, you know? And so it’s just a different vibe than if I were to be standing.

Yeah. Okay. So in terms of newbies, getting over the hump and finally posting something. What’s a good place to start because you can post a video on your landing page or your thank you page where you can start doing tick talks or, or Tolstoy. Where should you start? Great question. Uh, first off. You’re not going to record videos yet that’s the first place to start don’t record yet, because you have to think about what is the topic that you’re going to be talking about.

What are your talking points and what are you going to use to film? Because ideally you’re going to use your phone, but you may have other tools in your toolbox that you want to use. So. First, you have to figure that out then once you know that, then it’s, where’s your location? Where are you actually going to, to film this?

And then from there, that’s, when you can record your video and share it on whatever channel now, ideally if you’re dealing with more than one channel, and when I say channel, I’m talking about email texts, website, uh, Facebook, social, any other social media plan. You want to ideally know that before you hit the record button.

Uh, but if you’re only worried about one channel right now, then you don’t need to worry about anything else, because you already know it’s only going to be on that one channel. But if you’re thinking already about repurposing it to other channels, because we love to do one thing and share it on multiple channels, then you want to know where it’s going to go before you hit record.

And the reason why. Well, actually, before I tell you the reason why maybe I should have since we have live viewers, people should ask in the comments. If they’re curious, why? Um, I always like to make it engaging. Like, that’s the thing we’re on social media, we’re in a video. We’re, we’re making this an engagement.

Like it’s two-way street here. It’s not just us talking. It’s you engaging with us as well. So if you want to know why you, you can leave a comment and we’ll circle back to that. And what’s the question in case anyone’s just tuning in now, ask why I love it. Thank you for engaging. Awesome. So the reason why you want to know what channel you’re going to share that video out on before you record your video is because that’s, what’s going to determine the language that you use in that video.

For example, Right now we’re on Facebook and we’re streaming live in the group. However, if we were going to repurpose this video, let’s say over onto my website. Well, I, before I hit record, I would know. Okay, we’re on Facebook, but I’m going to put it on my website. So I’m going to try not to say face. Or Facebook live or drop a comment in the group chat below because when it goes over on my website, it’s not a group chat.

There might be comments. So I could say comment below, but there’s not a group. And it’s not Facebook. Now this isn’t, this is not like, have to do this. It’s just helping you for taking your videos to the next level and being able to repurpose them on different channels. So again, start where you are, but understand that when you know what you’re going to do with the video before you actually record it, it does help you in choosing the language you’re going to use.

So that. It comes off more natural and it can be used in multiple places. So that’s the big reason of why you want to know ahead of time. Plus it also makes it easier so that when you’re done recording the video, you know exactly where to share it. And sometimes you can just click and share depending on what platform you’re on.

Yeah. And actually ad or on YouTube, Facebook page and Facebook group right now. Perfect. So see, there you go. And that’s, that’s the thing it’s like, um, being able to know those channels and for me, I just knew that we were officially in the group. So it’s good that I know that we’re on those other ones as well, which is awesome because then you can say chat down below, drop a comment.

You don’t have to say the actual platform in your videos, which is nice. Yeah. And I don’t know if anyone watching has used stream yard or race stream, but I’m pulling comments from all of those different channels into one place. And talk about repurposing content. You just go live on all 30 of your channels if you want to.

It’s great. That ahead of time. Is helpful for you as the host, right? Like you knew ahead of time that you were going to be putting on all these channels. Therefore, you know, you’re not going to be posting a scheduled post from your scheduler now, um, at the same time. Cause you know, you want to go live on these channels.

So again, that also helps with your other marketing efforts because at the end of the day, while video is in my opinion, One of the best, if not the best ways to market yourself, it’s not the only way. And it’s not the only thing that you’re gonna be doing in your marketing efforts. Like we have to remember that it’s an ecosystem.

We have to use everything in our toolbox to be able to connect with our audience on those different levels, which is why we’re on more than one channel in our business. I’m not just talking about with the live stream I’m talking about in general with our business and we’re showing them. In social media, email texts, phone calls, zooms, networking, events, whatever it is because we have to-it’s a whole ecosystem.

So just keep that in mind. And remember it’s all about starting or joining a conversation. That’s really all it is. And so by you being here, you’re joining the conversation and you’re engaging with. We started it, but now you’re joining it. And that’s the beauty of video. And this video is going to live on to continue to do that.

So for those who are watching the replay, when we’re not live anymore, you should still comment. You should tag us. If you can, on whatever channel you’re watching us, because that helps one, you participate in the conversation too. It gives us notification that, Hey, somebody is there and they’re interested in learning about it.

And three, it tells the platform whether it’s YouTube or Facebook or whatever that there’s engagement going on, which means they’re going to show all of us some love. They’re going to push things up in those newsfeeds, which is ideally what we want, especially if we’re doing all organic. So the more that you can engage, not only with this video, wherever it’s at, but with any of your posts.

Spending time on whether you’re learning or just having fun, whatever engage that’s going to be the biggest thing for you. Alright. Uh, I could talk to you for hours, but let’s, let’s answer a few questions and wrap this up and oh, and by the way, I’ve already looked at coming back for a pub night takeover in case anyone wants to actually meet him in person next week, but a few questions while.

I have youth. Um, we have one about book trailers from Richard. Yeah, let’s pull that up. How about book trailers? Are they effective video promotion? Medium. Great question, uh, that I would say they can be for sure. It’s really going to depend on the book and what you’re using for that trailer and how you put it together.

What I would suggest is looking to see if there are trailers out there for similar books, similar, um, not fiction. So that way you can see what people are reacting to and use YouTube as your search engine to see what are popping up. What’s popping up there and you can sort by most popular. So that way you can see not only what’s popular, but more importantly, go to the comments.

Are people commenting on that trailer? What are they saying about that trailer? Because I guarantee you there’ll be at least one comment. If there’s at least a few, a handful or two, there’ll be at least one comment that comments about the video, what it has or what it doesn’t have. And that might be something that you can incorporate into your trailer as well.

And when it comes to video in general, social media in general too, is you have to test because what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. And what worked yesterday may not work today. Right? It’s all about testing and being able to. Do what you can with the control that you have. And that’s why video is so important, and showing your face is so important because that’s the one thing that you can always count on and you can control is creating the video content and putting it out there.

You can’t control one or a million people are going to see it, that that’s out of our. But we want to focus on that because if we did, we probably would never do anything and then therefore it discovers us. So that’s true. We have to, okay. Final question. And then I’ll let you go. Even though the audio is not primary, could you touch on it?

You sound great. Oh, well, thank you so much. I appreciate that. Uh, I will tell you I was a little nervous because I don’t have my normal mic plugged in. I’m actually just using my Mac book, air, uh, audio. So I am in a closed room and there is carpet on the ground. So that’s, what’s probably helping. Um, but yes, when it comes to audio, use something like, it looks like just, you have your, your, uh, your phones.

Your iPhone with the mic on your left side there. Yep. And so you can simply use something like that or your pods, if you have wireless to have as a microphone, uh, there’s other wireless mikes out there and things like that. But again, keep it simple. The other thing I want to mention too, is. If you see, just has it hanging down, which it will happen on all of us, but she doesn’t have earrings or a scarf or anything that’s hitting against it.

Therefore there’s no extra sound, but if you’re out and about, you want to make sure that you don’t have anything, that’s rubbing up against it because we’ll hear it on our side. Oh, okay. I was thinking about doing a video series on a walk and I, where I always first slept skier. So that’s good to know.

Yes. Okay. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for coming today, ad I know you have a free guide on how to build your business online with videos. I’m going to throw that up here and I’ll send it to everybody in the group as well and add, thank you. I will see. Uh, Monday, right? Yeah. It’s coming up. Yeah. Thank you all so much for tuning in and at the very least, make sure you take one thing from this video and run with it.

Um, and like we said, there’s the free guide. There’s, there are no strings attached. I mean, you’ll be on my email list, but it’s one week, one email a week where you get tips around it. So they’re always on subscribe if you want. All right, everyone. See you later. Take care.

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