Add #VideoPositivity to your videos on any social network & be part of the movement today!

#VideoPositivity is where business owners share videos they’ve created which include them showing their faces and sharing their voices.

Often times the video posts will include a story around what it took to record that video – the good, bad, and ugly.

The #VideoPositivity Movement empowers business owners to step out in front of the camera – break free from perfectionism and remove the fear of being on video so you can feel more comfortable and confident in recording videos that are authentic to you and spark conversations among your followers online. #VideoPositivity

Amee Sas Realtor in Sonoma County
Thomas Lee Realtor in New Jersey
Micki Webb Education Consultant and small business owner
Galina Melnikov Real Estate Agent in New Jersey
Amanda Condyles client care services for real estate agents

Add #VideoPositivity to your videos on any social network & be part of the movement today!

#VideoPositivity is a social movement focused on the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, skin tone, gender, and physical abilities, to step in front of the camera, record their videos, and share their voices online.

#VideoPositivity – promoting a positive on-camera experience – challenges the way one thinks and views themselves on video and promotes the acceptance of using video to market their business differently online because your voice matters and your story needs to be shared. 

#VideoPositivity helps today’s online business owners create a new way to communicate directly with their audience through engaging, authentic, video content that speaks directly to them online. 

Putting this concept into practice can help business owners find a way to speak freely about their business and personal life – even their insecurities and consider the possibility of liking themselves the way they are.

#VideoPositivity means accepting your own body, spirit, and mind because you have to live in it, and not conform to some Instagram, picture-perfect lifestyle that isn’t really for you. Everyone deserves to feel good about who they are both in reality and online – you are who you are so embrace it and let your light shine even brighter online and let your voice be present in rooms you haven’t even entered yet with video.

Over 80% of all internet traffic is video-based, this is the year for you to record your videos and feel good about being on camera.  #VideoPositivity.


Add #VideoPositivity to your videos on any social network & be part of the movement today!

Behind The #videopositivity movement

Your Video Coach, Ed Troxell

Ed Troxell speaking on video marketing to local businesses

The #VideoPositivity movement officially launched online in March of 2022, at a time when video exploded online with over 80% of all internet traffic being video-based.

The movement is designed to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin and show up more like themselves online – a world that can feel foreign to so many and can be extremely intimidating.

While this movement secretly started with Ed’s own video journey back in 2015 when he feared being on camera it has really come to life over the years as so many smart and talented business professionals make their way online looking for ways to stand out and engage their audience.

As you read above, the #VideoPositivity movement is for all business professionals looking to market themselves differently online – to share their voice and stand out as the industry expert online.

Embrace this movement, share your videos, and keep showing up, delivering, and engaging online!

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