In today’s world we rely so much on text messages, emails, Facebook messages, What’s Up app, Snapchat, and many more.

In fact, I guarantee you’re probably using at least two to four different apps (programs) to message somebody. Whether you’re using the texting app that’s built in your iPhone or Facebook Messenger, What’s Up app, Google Voice, email whatever it is I guarantee you’re using at least two, if not more; chances are its more.

It’s so hard to wait for a reply because we send our message out into the universe assuming that the other person is gonna get it, yet there is no guarantee. We crave that instant reply. It validates that we did our job, that we got the other person’s attention. When we don’t get a response right away we start thinking:

What are they doing?
Why are they not getting back to me?
Did you get my message today?
Did they not like the tone?
Maybe they thought I was saying something bad


We are constantly second guessing ourselves and we need to take a breath and just relax. The world is not going to end if we don’t get a response right away. If it is, we should have planned better. Over the weekend one of my email accounts was having issues and I had sent out a quote for an upcoming videography gig. I thought everything was ok since I had sent it off and it was the weekend. Monday rolls around and I got a message from my email provider saying that my email had not been delivered. It had been sitting on the server in limbo for some reason. I was irritated of course because I don’t like people waiting on me to respond or have them wondering, is this guy going to get back to me? I have a reputation to uphold and its a good one. Plus this is business, no one can have issues like this right? So I emailed the client from another email address letting them know the issue and I included the quote. It all worked out.


The point here is that we all love technology and it does amazing things for us. At times we can hate technology because we don’t know what it’s doing and we don’t know what’s going to happen. We have to be patient with technology and know that when we send out a message to someone they might not be able to respond right away. That’s why it is key to always follow up if you feel like something’s going on or maybe you just don’t think it was received. Depending on the message and the time sensitivity around it, follow up within 24 hours or maybe a week depending on the situation. Like any situation, you have to evaluate it yourself to see what is an appropriate follow up time, just don’t wait too long. I personally like getting back to people quickly because I can then check it off my list. Remember, less is more. Why add it to your To-Do list if you can take care of it now?

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