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If this is your first time joining welcome. This is a business talk show. We talked about business tech and the user experience. We typically go live Monday through Friday at 4PM Pacific standard time and today we barely made it – you guys when I’m telling you barely, I literally just titled the show a minute before four o’clock and I was able to get everything set up literally within that minute. It was awesome! A lot of lot of craziness as its been a busy day but we’re here and so I hope that you guys have a great weekend.


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Today’s content is going to be about content. It’s kind of weird, right? Today’s content is going to be about content anyway, we’re gonna roll with it. So let me know even if you’re watching the replay, in the comments, Do you have a blog?

And if you’re not there yet, that’s ok, this is something that you can look forward to because it’s important to have a blog and share what you know on it. This brings people back to your website where you control the experience.


But what happens after we put the content out there into the world? 


You’ve probably thought about your blog, right? You might even be thinking, “I have a blog but it’s inactive because I have too much to keep up with.”

Yet, many of you are posting on social media, specifically Facebook, what I would consider “blog posts” which you should be sharing on sharing on your blog. Remember, you want to draw people back to your website, not your social media profile.

I want you to realize that you’re still creating content it’s just not necessarily on your website you’re putting it elsewhere. When you are starting to write your posts on Facebook it’s easier to share an update if you will on Facebook versus an update on your website right? How many people even if you’re watching the replay, how many people can agree with that, that it’s easier to update people on Facebook than it is on your website because many of you don’t want to deal with the tech on your website (pss. join Hey Ed and I can help you out)?

So the stuff that you’re posting, that’s content, we just want to get that content onto your website – as a blog post – so that we can go into this next part…

What happens to your content after you’ve posted it?


We’re always thinking about right now and in the future, right? So we’re constantly moving forward in that sense, but we forget that we have so much content – so much good content – that we’ve already put out, we forget to repurpose that content.


We forget to reshare that content with people.


You know you can you put that content back into the world right? It can still be relevant.


Ask yourself, “Is this still relevant? Does it still work and can I reshare it?”


This morning I was ok on this same task – resharing old blog posts – which is why it inspired me to do this live today for the show.

So I decided to go back to the beginning of my blog and really start to see what blog posts are there and which ones are they still relevant.

I found some and went through and made some adjustments.

Now, let me just show you real quick this. This is the final piece right here (see video above). I actually just put this back in my queue for those who aren’t familiar, a queue in line to be shared out. I use Buffer for social media scheduling.


There’s still a lot of great content on my blog that most of you are never, ever, going to see.


It’s a fact! You’re never going to see it because you’re not going to spend that much time on my website going through the archives. You’re just not. I mean, if you do, that’s awesome – thank you! I totally appreciate that but chances are, you’re not going to.

So it’s my job as the business owner and as the person wanting to teach you to go through and put these back out into the world as long as they’re still relevant. And that’s what I wanted to share with you today.

The breakdown


I found two blog posts on the same topic, email, and I combined them into one long post.

Now, if you guys don’t know this already about me, I’m really big on email and not just how good email can be for you as a business owner and how organized you can get with it.

When you write the proper email, it takes a little bit of practice, but when you write that proper email, it makes your life so much easier. And when you can train others to do the same. Oh my gosh, it’s a game changer. It’s a game changer. You think texting is easy. I this will blow you awake. Trust me.

So what I did was I found the two blog post on email, combined them into one long post, edited a little bit, and that was it. Like, I didn’t have to write all of this “extra” stuff because I already did it back in 2015. All I did was go in and find two similar blog posts and condense it into one and then format it properly. That’s it.

You have plenty of content.


Share your thoughts below in the comments 🙂

Ps. Trying something new with this blog post so hoping my grammar and formating were ok.

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