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We’re gonna jump into today’s topic, which is why haven’t you started yet?

So tell me, even if you’re watching the replay, why haven’t you started? And you’re probably thinking, Well, Ed, I don’t know. What do you mean? What? What are we talking about here talking about business? And we’re talking about a service? Are we talking about a product of just a project in general?

Well, that’s what I want you to let me know in the comments. What Why haven’t you started XYZ yet?

Like, what, what’s holding you back. That’s what I want to know, the reason I want to know that and want you to share, even if you’re watching the replay is because September is basically a kickoff for us, right, it’s a nice clean back to business month, you know, kids are going back to school, we’re going back to business, even if you feel like you haven’t really left business, we’re starting fresh.

And it’s one of those times of the year, the fall that really things start to pick up. And I felt it for a while. And I know this is how it’s been in the years before. It’s one of those times where things just really start to pick up quick. And then, you know, the holiday comes and then right after holiday picks up again, even more. So I really want you to start being prepared for things. And part of that preparation, if you haven’t started already, is going to be now so I want you to think about why haven’t you started XYZ? Like you fill in the blank there and you can feel free to let me know in the comments even on the replay. But why haven’t you started that project yet that that product that service? Like what’s holding you back?

Now oftentimes, what I hear from people is excuses. I know that words harsh, it feels bad, I feel bad saying it. But it let’s just be real excuses. is what we all myself included, will put out there in terms of why we can’t do XYZ. What are some of those excuses? And you can tell me in the comments, even if watching the replay. What are some of those excuses based off of your own thoughts or thoughts that you’ve heard from other people? Like, what are those excuses? I think the number one excuse that I hear all the time is, I don’t have time.


How many of you have heard this or can agree that you’ve said it – I don’t have time.


That’s the biggest one. So let’s write that down. You know, this is always fun to bring in the big post-it board. So we bring this in here. Let’s get our show up. Deliver. engage their bow. Get that you guys don’t know what those little cards are right there. Those are thank you cards.

I got to thank you cards. I think it was last week in the mail. And I was like, “Wow.” So those are handwritten. Thank you. cards. I love it.

Tammy says it’s too hard. I’m too busy. Yep. And replay viewers chime in as well. Let us know if you agree on these ones. If you have other ones that you want to put in there.

So we have these ones. few other ones that come to mind are I don’t know where to start. Ah, oh. How about this one? I can’t afford it.

Yeah, anybody? Okay. So that’s a good list, right? Feel free to keep chiming in. And we’ll talk about those. But these are, these are kind of the most popular ones, right? I would say, “I don’t have time and I can’t afford it” are our two most popular excuses for all of us, myself included.

I don’t know where to start?


Let’s just keep it simple. I’ll use my new course – How to start a business in 5 easy steps – this just came out over the weekend. So the new course came out and will break this down as to why you should care because you may be looking at this like, Okay, great, awesome. But why do I care?

I’m gonna tell you that the reason you should care about this is that it ties into what we were just talking about here on the board on the post it is the excuses or what comes up before we can start with anything. And I will tell you that when I created this course that it’s one of those things that came to me overnight, one weekend.

So it was one weekend where literally, I wasn’t planning the course I had no intentions of creating a course Listen, you guys on Um, I don’t even know. It’s been a while now. But I haven’t been in the course making mode for a while because I’ve been focused on head and my one on one clients and everything. I haven’t really been focused on doing anything with courses. I make my notes. But that’s about it. So one weekend, and this is several months ago. I just launched this course on Sunday, because I’ve been sitting on it, you guys. Yeah, we’ll talk about that.

And I was like, okay, you know, I’ll just put my notes down and make my notes and outline in we’ll call it good. Usually, that takes a few minutes. Well, I ended up coming up with the whole plan the whole outline, and I couldn’t stop writing. And then I typed and then afterward I looked at it, I was like, “Oh, well, I guess I’m doing this” because I had it already outlined. Then, of course, you know, I went through and made my edits. And then I went through and, and figured out what I wanted to film because it’s a video its video course. And then I decided,

Okay, I’ll just put it up on StupidEasy.com, that’s where I host all of my courses, and what happened was, it was done. And I was like, what, like this is weird because usually, it takes longer. You know, it’s, you know, how many of us when we’re creating something where we kind of take a lot of time because we’re trying to figure out what to create, then we then we start packing all these things. And then we are like, Oh, do I do this, do I do that, or whatever.


But this just clicked,


Which is why I didn’t put it on the back burner, meaning I didn’t just let the outline sit there and let the course sit there. We’ll talk about that.

It’s one of those things that the outline was done, all I had to do was shoot the videos for each lesson. So that took some time, of course, but like it just the snowball effect, it just kept rolling into each other. And it was like, wow, this is cool. Then I put it up and I let it sit for a couple months. Now, the reason why I let it sit was just that I was getting myself excuses of I’m not sure if I should launch a course right now. Maybe I should hold off. Maybe I still need to add XYZ. What about putting this in there? What about doing that? And I was coming up with all these different excuses.


And self-doubt comes in.


And so I let it sit for a couple months. And you know, I went in and I edited it. I watched it over and making sure and I did add a few items in there. Like I added some cool templates towards the secret sauce. Because let me just show you guys real quick. I’m not going to show you the secret sauce though. Come on. But I talked about how it’s for building a business because that’s what people come to me for.


They have those questions around,

  • How do I get started?
  • What should I be doing? 
  • I want to build a solid foundation – They may not say those words, those are my words but that’s what I’m teaching you, right.


And so I decided to create this course to be my signature course that I can just send people to that are on a low budget to get started because I know how that is. And you get so much set up for yourself, right, including the secret sauce.

I didn’t put a date on this, an open-close date because it’s my signature course.

At this point, I don’t really want to have an open-close date for it. It’s on sale but it’s not one of those things where you know, you have to register before the end of the month or whatever. Maybe I’ll do that at some point but not right now – I just wanted to keep it open because for me, this is your opportunity or your friend’s opportunity for those who maybe aren’t as tech savvy as us or who aren’t online as much.


It’s their opportunity to have something amazing, that’s going to help them go from idea to business with a solid foundation.


So that’s why I created it and that’s why I’m saying, don’t let these excuses stop you.

Tammy says, “I have a late legendary logo design boot camp course that is just sitting up.”

Tammy. Tammy, Get it. Get it. Come on. We need that, we need that.

Here’s the thing you guys, here’s another thing I’ll tell you. I’ll be honest. The other reason why I launched the course is that I had a great conversation with my Edsters – For those who are new to me an “Edster” is a Hey Ed member. Hey Ed is where I help you all month long with your business and tech support needs.

So my Edsters and I had this conversation around courses, and we all pretty much agree that, yeah, you just have to launch and then you get that feedback from people – what opportunities do you have and what strengths do you have? From there you can make those adjustments and then you just keep moving.

How are we supposed to know if it’s going to work or not?


I want you to look at the excuses that you’re saying and go through and make sure that you cut them out and just do it.

I know it’s easier said than done but it’s actually that easy! Like I said, the new course on how to start a business and five easy steps came to me naturally, one weekend, I had the outline done, I decided to set aside some time the following Monday, I think it was or Tuesday and from there I filmed my lessons.


Let’s just back up for a second.


This show is filmed in the afternoon, right? It’s 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time. I got two windows in front of me, which is where I get this nice, amazing light. Okay, I filmed my course in the morning – this is not the same lighting I get.

The lighting I get is pretty darn harsh because the sun is right in front of me. So I literally you guys gave myself the excuse, “Oh, I don’t think I can do it now because of the sun. I might have to put this off.”


Why? I’m ready. I have the time I blocked it out. Let’s do it.


So what did I do? I played with my blinds. I have two blinds here. I have some curtains. and I have a desk lamp. I played with that lighting until I got it just right. Was it perfect? No. But it was good enough, yes!

I filmed what I needed to get done. And I got things checked off my list so that I could keep moving forward with the course. From there. I put the videos in my course I uploaded everything put on StupidEasy.com and call it good! Then another day, I reviewed the content made my notes added did whatever I needed to let it sit like there’s a there’s a time and a place to let it sit. Right. So like Tammy, we’re going to use you as an example, with your course you’re letting it sit.

No worries, okay, we know that it’s there – that’s check, we know that you want to do something with it – check.

We know that we’re going to stop making these excuses – check. And now we’re going to start figuring out what you can do right now with it. So if it’s not ready, then review the course and find out what are the to-do’s – what do you have to do to make it launch?


Here’s the thing you guys when it comes to products and services and all this stuff that we are trying to offer, we keep putting these excuses like…

  • It’s not good enough
  • We need to keep adding bonuses
  • And throwing things in just to satisfy the price or to satisfy what we think people need

No, no, it literally can be simple!

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