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Why you are not recording video content

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.

We are talking about your video journey – I call it a video journey because it takes us on this journey so many pass up even though it’s the price of entry for doing business they days online.

It’s a lot of work getting on camera.

No matter how comfortable you may or may not be on video, it’s a lot of work.

Listen, I faced this before myself – fearing being on video and not wanting to record video content. I always made sure everyone else was in front of the camera, but not me. I was always the guy behind the scenes doing all the work, but I knew that when I started my business I had to record videos if I wanted to have my business stand out online – which meant me learning how to be on video and actually stepping in front of the camera to record my video content.

I knew that if I could get comfortable in front of the camera, I didn’t have to be perfect, I just had to show my face and share my voice because I knew that once I got in front of people, conversations would naturally start taking place.

I knew that people would naturally gravitate towards me because of who I am, what I do, and how I present myself – I had to get out of my own way. Even these days people might not think my videos are that great – who knows, who cares right?

The fact is, I’m doing what I can control, which is showing up on video…consistently.

And this is what we were talking about – Real Estate Agents & Entrepreneurs, what can you control?

You can control being on camera.

You can control being able to show your face on camera.

You can control recording video content that you can then share on social media, your website, and anywhere else that you would like.

Keep in mind, this all may not happen right away and that’s okay.

There are steps that go into being on camera and recording your video content. You know, everyone talks about, “oh, just go live or just record a video, just pop out your phone and hit the record button.”

Yeah, you could do that, but if you’re not doing that already, there’s something deeper going on.

There’s something else that’s holding you back.

So we have to figure out what that is. And if you think about it, who’s coaching you on that – how to be on video? What to do before, during, and after you create video content in a way that is actually easy for you to implement and get those wins for the business?

You know, one of my clients brought this up not too long ago in a conversation – she was talking about how she realized that she’s hired, business coaches and she’s done all of these other things in her business and for her business but…

…she’s never had a video coach to teach and empower her to create engaging videos – it was one of those aha moments for her and for me because yeah, who is teaching you this video stuff (and not just how to hit the record button)?

How are you getting more comfortable in front of the camera to record your video content?

Tell me, is this making sense? What is going through your mind right now as you read this? Please share with me here (an interactive tool that allows you to quickly share a voice note, text, or video message with me)

And let me just tell you right now Agents & Entrepreneurs, it’s not your equipment in terms of your lights, your cameras, the mic that is preventing you from recording your video content.

I know you bought that equipment and it’s just sitting inside of that desk drawer or over there in the closet (I know).

You spent a lot of money already – you probably spent over a hundred bucks at least on just the web camera. Who knows if you bought the microphone, that was probably $200, and maybe you bought a light kit, which was a $100 or $200, but you’re not doing anything with them.

You’re not simply not using them.

So that tells you there’s something else going on – And no, it’s not that you don’t have time.

Let me just tell you that right now, you have the time. You’ll find the time. There’s something else going on. And if you want to know what that something else is, reach out, let’s have a conversation so that I can guide you (not sell you on something) and point you in the right direction – my job is to provide you with at least some resources that can help.

Obviously, I would love to work with you at some point when you’re ready, but if you’re not ready yet let me at least guide you and get you some resources to help you in the meantime so that you don’t stay behind. That’s the biggest thing. I do not want you to be behind anymore. I want you to get caught up and I want you to stay ahead of everything.

And yes, agents I know the market’s hot right now which is great – Maybe you don’t have to do any of this video work just yet (you do but maybe this is what is going through your head right now), but remember that the market’s not always hot.

Remember that it’s not just about selling a house, it’s about telling the story.

And it’s about you standing out from other agents and it’s about you doing the work now so that you don’t stay behind – or get further behind because right now, over 80% of all internet traffic is video-based.

So that’s why I’m saying if you’re not already incorporating video in your marketing efforts in your business, or you’re not feeling comfortable enough with what you are doing, then we need to talk and let me at least point you in the right direction.

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