Microsoft releases a new alternative keyboard called Word Flow.

The keyboard is suppose to make typing easier especially when trying to text one handed. That’s right! Word Flow has the option to change the angle of the keyboard so that you can text one handed. Word Flow uses the swipe technology so you don’t actually have to type anything out. You just swipe around on the keyboard and it predicts what you want to say. Crazy I know!

In the video below I not only show you how you can add an alternative keyboard on your iPhone, but I also demonstrate how to use Word Flow. I must say, I am impressed with this alternative keyboard! It is becoming my go to keyboard as it makes typing so much faster. The one handed function is pretty awesome! I have an iPhone 6s Plus and it can be a challenge to text with only one hand. Word Flow is making it less challenging. Check Word Flow out for yourself and see how you like it.




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