Think about how much extra time you have. Now think about how you scroll through the newsfeed on Facebook. You see all these posts and you just keep scrolling, right?

Most posts are large blocks of text that seem to go on forever.

  1. Who wants to read that?
  2. Who has time to read that?

[bctt tweet=”Here’s how to format your Facebook posts so that people will want to stop and read them” username=”Ed_Troxell”]

Here’s how you need to format your Facebook posts so that people will want to stop and read.

  1. Create a new Facebook post
  2. Type out your message
  3. When you are done go through and EDIT it down
  4. Get straight to the point in the first sentence or 2
  5. Hit return to create space
  6. Maybe 1-2 lines of background info if needed
  7. Look over your EDITED post
  8. Proceed to posting your short, sweet, and to the point Facebook post

If you absolutely need to provide more info then hit ENTER again to create another space and then 2-3 lines before another ENTER. Spacing is key!

If you start applying this format every time you go to post something on Facebook people will be more likely to read your posts. Seeing a big block of text just makes people want to keep scrolling. Remember, short & sweet! For those of you who are managing or will be managing a Facebook group check out Successfully Moderating a Facebook Group.

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